21 Day Fix – Common Household Items To Use For Portion Control Equivalents!

Why Size Matters, Portion Size That Is!

Time and time again, I hear from people trying to get healthy that they are eating what they think is a healthy meal.  As we speak further, I find out that they ate double the servings they should have, even though it was “healthy.” So, that’s where the title, “Size, Matters” comes into play. It is all about PORTION CONTROL! 

The process of this lifestyle change, can seem daunting at first but once you realize that the containers, the support from me and the accountability groups are there – you will be set! Portion control doesn’t have to be hard it will support you in making a lifestyle change you can maintain for life!


Above, is the cheat sheet I found online that will help you eyeball portion sizes. Whether you are on the go, at work, out to dinner or even at home and can’t find that measuring cup or container – you will be covered.

Do you remember that CD that’s in your car? Well, one serving of a pancake is the size of that CD. Most of the time when, brunching or having breakfast out, I see these ginormous pancakes that are quadruple the size of what you should be eating. I’m not saying, don’t have pancakes, because I think you should.  Just eat smart when indulging – this fitness coach does!

Portion control is the key to getting the balance for all the good fruits, veggies, protein, healthy fats and oils.

So, print this cheat sheet and let me know how it works!  I love hearing how my tidbits of information, help transform a new you, a new way of thinking!

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