Finally, my Beachbody Coach introduced me to Insanity. I realized during the warm-up that this was going to be more challenging than anything I had ever done in my life. I decided to buy it but it sat on my shelf for 6 months collecting dust while I worked on my masters in anesthesia. When I finally made the commitment to starting the program, I struggled getting through the entire video without pausing. I finished the program and my results even landed me on the 2014 Insanity infomercial. I not only had lost those 25 pounds but had gained back my confidence, energy and a new positive outlook on life! Once I added Shakeology everyday, I had even more energy. 

Little did I know that tiny decision to complete Insanity and drink Shakeology daily would change the course of my life and the lives of thousands of others! I have always wanted to be of service to others, which is why I became a nurse. After 5 years of nursing, I decided I wanted to support people in getting well instead of treating their illness. This is why I became a nurse anesthetist. They come for surgery and get well and go home right? Well, I didn’t consider I would be interacting with them for five minutes before their surgery. Being the social butterfly that I am this was not the best career choice! I felt totally isolated in the operating room.

Around the time I started realizing I wasn’t passionate about my job as a nurse anesthetist, my friends and family started noticing the positive changes I was making with Beachbody products. This is when I found my passion as a Beachbody coach! I wanted to pay my results forward. I wanted to support others in the prevention of illness and not just treatment. Most importantly I wanted to support them in having a new positive outlook on life.

This is when Team Aloha was born! The reason we are named Team Aloha, is aloha comes from “Alo” meaning presence, front or face and “ha” meaning breath. The word literally means “the presence of breath” or “the breath of life.” This is exactly what our team is doing. Breathing life into the world! In three years, Team Aloha has earned the title of Elite 2014, which means our team is in the top 0.001% of teams in the company. We are now hundreds of coaches strong, supporting thousands in becoming their best selves physically, mentally, spiritually and financially. People supporting people from all around the country, working towards one common goal: reversing the trend of obesity one relationship at a time!

In September 2013, I resigned from my position as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) to be a full-time Beachbody coach. I would love to support you in finding a solution to having a smaller stomach that doesn’t include abdominoplasty or a “tummy tuck.” These were surgeries I used to administer anesthesia for on a daily basis.

Are you ready for me to support you in reaching your goals? Fill out this form and I will message you shortly. Do you have a passion for supporting others in living more healthy and fulfilling lives? Team Aloha is hiring coaches to to join our Elite coaching team. To become a member of Team Aloha, please fill out the Team Aloha Coach Application Form.