Adopt Don’t Shop!



Are you considering getting an animal?! Have you ever considered adoption?!  Adoption is the best option!!

One of the best gifts that I have ever received in my entire life was being Tune’s and Dali’s mama (both adopted).

When Tune came to me he was actually very scared and full of fear aggression but I loved him anyway.

I ended up hiring a trainer because he bit someone and I knew I needed to do something to help him.

Many people would have given up on him and for a moment I thought I was going to as well BUT it was so worth the hard work to train him to be obedient while giving him a good and loving home.

Now, he is the best little buddy in the world!!

When I went on my trip a few weeks ago, I dropped Tune and Dali off with my friend the pet tender the night before I left and it was quiet and empty in my house.

I realized right then, I will always have animals. They are lifelong loving partners and their energy is so healing!

Feeling grateful for the chance to adopt my boys!

Adopt don’t shop!

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