Beachbody Ultimate Reset Results

Transformation Tuesday this week is myBeachbody Ultimate Reset results! 

I completed my 21 day vegan cleanse on Sunday. I’m not going to lie, it was challenging and there were times that I thought “I’ve done enough, I could quit and it wouldn’t matter” BUT this was more than just a food cleanse. It was a life cleanse!

Before this, I wasn’t taking care of my mind, body or soul. With all the traveling I did this year, I had depleted myself of energy and vitality. I stopped cooking for myself, working out consistently and engaging in self love and care.I realized I have an addiction to my work and jet setting across the country nonstop. I escaped my addiction to work by engaging in my addiction to traveling.

When I arrived home from my last trip, my bird who I could cuddle and hug before I left, attacked me. My dog who has not had one single accident started peeing in the house everyday. I was laid up exhausted and sick in bed for a week and the following week I had a meltdown. I balled my eyes out everyday for 3 or 4 days.The ugly cry!

I am not sharing this so you feel sorry for me so save your pity. I am saying it to bring awareness around ADDICTION. We ALL have an inner addict. It can be to food, relationships, family, kids, work, alcohol, drugs, etc. Just because it can seem we are addicted to “good” things like traveling, doesn’t mean that if we don’t keep it in check it won’t be detrimental to our health and take us down.

This cleanse has been more than just a food cleanse and my results have been soooooo much more than the physical results of losing 7 pounds and 7 inchesIt has been 21 days of resetting some negative habits and patterns I had in my life. It has been 21 days of focusing on self care and self love. Cooking for myself daily, getting out of the house and spending time with people in the human flesh, putting away my work to enjoy my life, loving myself and spending time with Dali (my bird) and Tune (my dog)! So here is me this morning in all my glory. A beautiful disaster! Don’t compare your everyday life to someone’s highlight reel on social media!

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Transformation, Marissa Myers

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