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Team Aloha Transform 20

Our Team Aloha Transform 20 Journey

Happy New Year all! I have not posted a blog article in over a month. My clients & Coaches have been gearing up to start our Team Aloha Transform 20 journey. Which has been keeping me quite busy. Last year & the year before were 2 of the most challenging years of my life. Writing… Read more »


Marissa F Myers

Beachbody’s Core De Force Prep Hybrid Day 4

I have been following Beachbody’s Core De Force Prep Hybrid:       This means today was somewhat of an active rest day with Yoga Core. Yoga Core is a part of the 3-Week Yoga Retreat on Beachbody On Demand. This was launched back in September after Beachbody Coach Summit. I haven’t done the full… Read more »


Team Aloha, Beachbody Coach

Becoming A Successful Beachbody Coach – Don’t Give Up!

When I started my beachbody coaching business…”coaching thing” is what people called it…the same people that said “You’re crazy to do this instead of being a nurse anesthetist, “You will never make any money ‘selling a bag of shake’ (is how they put it), “If you don’t find your passion in being a nurse anesthetist… Read more »


Tune, Team Aloha

My Insanity Transformation Was More Like A Life Transformation – Marissa Myers

Just sitting here with my dog (Tune) reflecting on my day today and feeling blessed! To think my tiny decision to start the Insanity program 4 years ago, would change my life in such a huge way. How my Insanity transformation was more like a life transformation!  At the time, I was working full-time as… Read more »


Team Aloha

Leadership – What do you want to be known for as a leader?

So I was discussing my Beachbody Coaching Business with one of my business partners…well actually one of my mentors. We have been discussing leadership for the past several weeks. She said to imagine that someone asked if they could write an article about me in a magazine. What would I want them to say about… Read more »


Team Aloha, Marissa Myers

Beachbody Coaching Opportunity Live Webinar – Team Aloha

Good morning! We are back from Cancun and ready to take on the world! Just kidding…but seriously we are about to embark on our busiest time of year with Beachbody Coach Summit around the corner. This means we need more coaches out their changing lives. This got me to thinking and i think it is… Read more »


Insanity, Beachbody Success Club Trip, Marissa Myers

Beachbody Coach Success Club Trip 2015 Cancun, Mexico

As a Beachbody coach we have the opportunity to earn an all-expense paid trip to a predetermined destination every year. My first year as a coach, I earned the Beachbody Coach Success Club Trip in 2013. It was a free trip to Disney world in Orlando, Florida. This was the first time I experienced anything like it in… Read more »


Busy Women Build a Business as a Beachbody Coach

I usually take time to reflect on what is going on my life daily but this week I have spent much more time in reflection. I just recently celebrated my 3 year anniversary as a Beachbody Coach. The month of February was Team Aloha’s biggest month to date. We doubled the number of success club points we… Read more »


What Can Beachbody Coaching Do For You?

GOOD MORNING and HAPPY MONDAY…so I am sitting here reading my PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT book called The 4-Hour Work Week and I just had to share. I finally picked this book up last week after several suggestions to read it and it was God’s PERFECT timing as always. As many of you know from my post… Read more »


What Can Beachbody Coaching Do For Me?

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! Today we celebrate FREEDOM! So JUST yesterday I was told by the hospital I have been working at once a week as a nurse anesthetist they will NO longer be needing my services. I went straight to being upset but not even sure why. Once I had time to breath and meditate… Read more »