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Top Beachbody Coach Overcoming Fear Of Teaching CIZE Live

If you know me, you know that I love helping others achieve their goals for health and fitness from the comfort of their own homes. As a Top Beachbody coach, I love seeing my challengers and coaches reach new goals. Just because I am a TOP Beachbody Coach, doesn’t mean I don’t have fear. I… Read more »


Marissa Myers, Team Aloha, Cize

Cize Preview – The End Of Exercise with Celebrity Trainer Shaun T

I have to be honest, when they talked about Shaun T creating a new dance program called Cize, I wasn’t totally convinced that I wanted to do the program. As an Elite Beachbody Coach, I received an exclusive Cize preview of the Crazy 8’s workout before the launch! I tested it a few times as… Read more »


Shaun T, Beachbody on Demand

Preview CIZE Workout From Beachbody On Demand and WIN!

Carl Daikeler, CEO of Beachbody posted this on his Facebook wall over the weekend: “Please share these details with anyone who wants to (1) try a free 30-day membership in Beachbody On Demand, (2) try the most anticipated dance program of the summer, Shaun T’s CIZE on June 15th, and (3) for me to donate $50 in your… Read more »


Marissa Myers, Team Aloha

PREVIEW Cize – Beachbody & Shaun T’s Newest Program

Elite Beachbody Coach Perks One of the perks of being an Elite Beachbody Coach…in the top 0.01% of all Beachbody coaching teams is we get a sneak peek of the newest Beachbody workout programs and supplements before they are even launched. I have watched the past 2 years as other coaches posted their videos of… Read more »