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Enhancing Our Lives by Engaging in Daily Self-Care

I was recently asked to guest write a blog post about self-care for another website. I am sharing what I wrote here & offering some simple suggestions to enhance your life. Take Quiet Time For Self-Care One of the best ways to engage in self-care is to slow down & take time to be quiet…. Read more »


Don’t Push Yourself to the Brink: Tips for Making Self-Care a Priority in Your Life

When it comes to the stresses of everyday life, too many of us push ourselves to the brink too often. We feverishly toil all day to check items off the to-do list, only to lie awake in bed worrying about all we have to do tomorrow — then, tomorrow comes. Before we know it, it’s… Read more »


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Overcoming Addiction

When we give our hearts time & space to heal – by letting go of our insidious addiction – magical things begin to happen in our lives. Things like finally creating space to take care of ourselves the way we have always desired. 💞 Anything we engage in to take us out of feeling or being with ourselves is… Read more »


Jungian Shadow Work, Marissa F Myers

Jungian Shadow Work – Healing Our Hearts, Loving Our Shadows

Jungian Shadow Work was the healing modality that lead me to back to God & my authentic self. I started spiritually seeking at a very young age. Talking to God & praying even though my parents were non-believers. Above all, questioning how we came to be, what is the purpose of our existence and who we… Read more »


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Letting Go Of Fear

It has been a while since I posted on this blog because honestly I was undergoing a spiritual transformation that was taking a lot of my time & energy. One thing I have learned through this process is all about letting go of fear! So lets talk about fear… Did fear hold you back in… Read more »