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Marissa Myers

What are the benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps?

What are Himalayan Salt Lamps? Himalayan Salt lamps are different size pieces of pure Himalayan Salt with a light source inside of the m. They come in all different shapes and sizes as lamps and decorative baskets. When you are purchasing your lamp be sure it is coming from a pure Himalayan Crystal source and not… Read more »


Marissa Myers, Team Aloha, 7 benefits of sweating

Bikini Bootcamp Challenge – Countdown to Cancun Bikini Prep

As you know we started a Bikini Bootcamp Challenge as we are getting ready for our all-expense paid trip to Cancun, Mexico. We will be enjoying a 5 day trip to Cancun, Mexico on the Beachbody Coach Success Club trip in just 9 days!  We earned this all expense paid trip by supporting others in… Read more »


Marissa Myers, Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake

Raw Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe

This vegan chocolate cheesecake recipe I found on is seriously too good to be true! One of our Team Aloha coaches posted it in our online health and fitness accountability group and I was dying to try it. I hosted a housewarming party over the weekend and one of the challengers in our group… Read more »


Super Saturday in MIAMI – Hoedown Throwdown!

    Registration Link:   It is time to put away our sunscreen and bathing suits from our success club trip in Cancun and take out our cowboy hats and cowboy boots. We are going country western for our SUPER SATURDAY in MIAMI as we gear up for our annual Coach Summit in Nashville!… Read more »


My Beachbody Transformation…More Like LIFE Transformation!

Many of you know I went on somewhat of a transformative life journey over the last 4 years. I used to call it my Beachbody transformation or my Insanity transformation but in reality it is my LIFE transformation! It started with me losing the 25 pounds I had gained during my masters program in anesthesia…. Read more »


21 Day Fix Extreme Meal Plan and Workouts Day 2 Review

Review of 21 Day Fix Extreme Meal Plan and  Workouts From a Coach Test Group Participant… Today was my first attempt at the 21 Day Fix Extreme Upper Fix Extreme Workout. I love working my shoulders and upper body. I am already a little sore from doing Fix Extreme Plyo yesterday. I choose to use 10… Read more »


21 Day Fix Extreme Meal Plan and Workouts-Day 1 Review

Review of the 21 Day Dix Extreme Meal Plan and Workouts From a Coach Test Group Participant So you heard me say yesterday I was extremely nervous, anxious and excited about starting the 21 Day Fix Extreme meal plan and workouts in the 21 Day Fix Extreme coach test group. While it was an HONOR… Read more »


Beachbody Cruise,

SS Beachbody Cruise 2016 Success Club Trip: Who will join me for FREE?

WHO’S READY TO SET SAIL ON THE SS BEACHBODY CRUISE 2016? I am beyond excited Team Beachbody just announced that our Beachbody Coach 2016 Success Club trip will be a 6 day, 5 night cruise to JAMAICA and HAITI. Since becoming a Beachbody Coach 3 years ago, I have gone on a FREE trips to… Read more »


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21 Day Fix Lunch Recipe-Mini Pizzas

Have you been looking for a perfectly portioned 21 Day Fix lunch recipe? Look no further! I found this recipe for mini personal english muffin pizzas on Facebook and I had to share. I LOVE pizza! It is one of my all-time favorite foods. I try not to eat it too often because I always… Read more »


21 Day Fix Recipe for Tomato and Brie Pasta

21 Day Fix Recipe for Tomato and Brie Pasta 4 servings per recipe Each serving= 1 yellow, 1 red, 1 blue,  1 green, 1tsp Ingredients: 4 yellow of cooked pasta 4 red of grilled chicken diced 4 blue of Brie cheese cubed 4 green chopped cherry tomatoes 4 tsp olive oil 2 tsp chopped garlic… Read more »