Together we will decide which Beachbody Challenge Pack is best for you based on your preferences, abilities, limitations and goals. We will find the program that motivates you to pop in that DVD and PUSH PLAY! Most of them are 30 minutes a day, 5 to 7 days a week. There are a variety of programs to choose from. Some are more cardio based and others more strength training based. We even have programs for Pilates and yoga lovers!


Along with your full DVD home workout program you will receive a 30 day supply of Shakeology. This means you will have 30 meals that can be used as a meal supplement packed full of nutrients and super foods. This will support you in becoming the healthiest version of you possible! You may even lose some weight in the process, if that is your goal!


Shakeology is a nutrient dense, superfood shake made with 70+ whole food ingredients, fruits, veggies and grains. It has no artificial sweeteners, carb or craving blockers, or metabolism enhancers. It aids in weight loss because it fuels your body with the proper nutrition. When you drink it you feel fuller longer, have less cravings, have more energy, and stay regular. Think about it like this, when you eat a hamburger from a fast food restaurant you are hungry less than an hour later because it has very low nutritional value. When you drink Shakeology you feel full for 3 to 4 hours because it is so highly nutrient dense. It is called the healthiest meal of the day for a reason! It is going to support you in getting the best results from your Beachbody Challenge Group!


Most importantly, when take the Beachbody Challenge with us, you will have access to our exclusive online support and accountability group with daily check-ins, weekly progress updates and the chance to win some awesome prizes! This is a community of people that are also pushing play, drinking their shakes, and sweating their way to a new body right alongside you. They won’t just become your friends they will becoming your new fitness family!  I’ll be coaching you every step of the way. The other participants and coaches in the group will motivate and inspire you to keep pushing play and creating healthy habits. Engagement in your Beachbody Challenge Group will be the key to you reaching your ultimate health and fitness goals!

If you are ready to take the first step in becoming a healthier you but not sure which program is right for you please fill out this Beachbody Challenge Group Application. Together we will choose the program that is best for you and you then you can join the next Beachbody Challenge Group. I look forward to coaching you along this journey!