Clean Eating – A Key Point To Fitness Success

Whether you’re new to fitness or not, chances are you’ve heard about how important clean eating is. Don’t worry if you haven’t- it’s never too late to start.

No, clean eating doesn’t mean cleaning your food before you eat. I’ve heard this comment on a few occasions.

Trainers and fitness instructors encourage a healthy diet along with any workout program. Well, it’s not just so they can sell you a custom diet – it’s actually important (surprise!). They’ll (hopefully) exhort their clients to correct any wrong eating habits. That’s because it actually makes a difference.

But, there’s more to clean eating than eating just what you’re told. Clean eating is something that can’t be forced; it’s as simple as that. You don’t want to be the guy who hates their diet, yet follows it all week long. Trust me – it’s not fun!

To develop clean eating habits you should first know what it consists of. Like I said before, it’s not limited to following a certain diet.

What is clean eating?

First off, it’s NOT dieting. A diet targets at a temporary goal, call it losing weight or gaining mass. Clean eating, on the other hand, aims at a long-term goal: a healthier body.

Clean eating is a lifestyle that’s all about choosing less processed food. Previous generations had much cleaner eating habits in general. This is due to the constant growth of the processed, artificial, junk food industry (and its consumers).

The first step to start eating cleaner is cutting processed foods. I know how daring those burgers and sodas look, but they’re the villains in this story. Follow the natural path; grass-fed beef burgers and water.

Easier said than done, don’t you think? You should know, clean eating demands commitment to your health and fitness – as most diets or workout programs do.

Some people seem to ignore the importance of clean eating, and they’ll pay a high tax for it. On the other hand, there’s been considerable growth in the clean eating community. Unhealthy eating habits can be as destructive as actual diseases; in fact, it’s a cause of disease on its own!

Why is clean eating important?

Clean eating is more of a “permanent healthy diet” that’ll ensure your body’s health for years to come. You’ll be surprised by the positive impact your eating habits will have on your body. Keep in mind, though, too much of anything will kill you.

The body needs certain fats and other important nutrients. Don’t limit yourself – or your body – on every single meal of your life.

If you’re interested in improving your eating habits (and health in general), here are some key points to follow:

• Eat vegetables and fruits: Moms are so insistent about veggies for a reason. They are healthy as they are a reliable source of nourishment. Make sure you’re giving your body enough of these.

Fruits are a double-edged sword. Watch out for what you consume, as some fruits in the present may contain too much sugar due to hybridization. If you eat fruits regularly, make sure you alternate them.

These provide you with vitamins and energy and are the perfect natural replacements for sweets and candies. Dehydrated fruits make excellent snacks.

• Drink water, not sodas! : Artificial beverages or fruit juices will just damper your efforts in clean eating. Water, on the other hand, will make your efforts worth the sacrifice.

There’s no scientific reason to actually drink 8 glasses of water a day. Don’t push water down your throat. What I’m saying is, watch out for what you drink.

• Meat: As I said above, go for the grass-fed beef burger. When buying your meats, get them from your local farmers’ market.

Although more expensive, it is often the healthier choice. In any case, if you’re eating regular meat, grab meat with leaner cuts. The fat tissue in them will do you no good. This is definitely not the kind of fats that your body needs.

No eating habit or diet is going to completely cover for all the nutrients and vitamins you need. Remember to support your consumption routine with vitamins and supplements like Shakeology. 

Clean eating is up to you!

It’s guaranteed that clean eating will get you healthy and put you on top of your fitness program. Your body composition and performance will improve in no time. It only takes commitment, and willingness to improve your health.

Remember, it’s not about starting abruptly and breaking your regular eating habits. This might shock your body and overwhelm you. Don’t stop consuming protein, don’t stop consuming important minerals and vitamins.

Instead, eliminate those pesky fats and sugars. I mean, sure, some people might find them delicious. But, your body in general will contradict whatever your tongue says. Take it easy on your new eating habits.

Candies, sodas, artificial fruit juices, chocolate bars. These are all innocent-looking killers you want to reduce. I’m not saying you won’t be seeing chocolate again, that’d be madness. It’s about having a conscious consumption of it.

So, are you eating clean enough?

Your body will respond in the same way you feed it. If you’re not into clean eating, that’s your choice. But, you now know what kind of reactions to expect from your body. At the end of the day, why wouldn’t you want a healthier life?

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