Determining Your Core Desired Feelings Using The Desire Map Process – A way to create more joyfulness in your life!

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At the beginning of the year, I completed an activity where I came up with my core desired feelings for life. Coming up with these feelings was a process. After completing the process, I feel more clarity about who I am, what I want to create & how I want to show up for others.

I wanted to share the process with you because it was extremely therapeutic for me. My desire is that you will find it helpful in coming up with your own core desired feelings.

A couple of years ago, a business partner of mine came to visit from California. We hosted a training for my team at my house based upon the book called The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte. At that time, she gifted me a copy of the book & the workbook. It wasn’t until the beginning of this year, that I actually read the book & completed the activities in the workbook.

The Desire Map Book – Read to learn more about core desired feelings!

If you plan to go through this process, I highly recommend you start by reading the book first. Personally, I took notes also. I wanted to have a place I could easily access the important points from the book & the quotes I loved. Also, I believe that when we take notes we remember concepts better.

The overall viewpoint of the book is that our goal in life is to feel good. I would have to agree with this mostly. And of course life is going to throw curve balls at us, but when we know how we want to feel we may be able to navigate them better.

The Desire Map The Workbook – Determine your core desired feelings!

Once I finished reading the book, I committed to slowly working my way through the workbook. I would spend maybe 30 minutes to an hour in the morning completing the activities & coming up with my cored desired feelings. Not everyday but at least 4 times a week.

I completed the process in a couple of weeks. But everyone is different & the author even says to go at your pace – what feels good & comfortable for you. You can also skip around through the workbook if you like. I choose to do it from start to finish but just let it unfold naturally when I had free time & felt the desire to work on it!

My Core Desired Feelings

After completing this process, I have determined my core desired feelings to be: love, joy, imaginative, illuminative, expansive & harmonious.

Love is pretty self-explanatory. Who doesn’t want to feel love? But for me it is not about feeling love from others. It is about loving myself because without that I will never feel loved by another in my opinion.

Joy or some form of it is likely on the list for everyone. And by this I don’t mean happiness from something external happening. For example, me helping a new client, doing a good job at work or making a new friend. I mean lasting joy that comes from feeling a sense of peace & purpose.

Imaginative to me means feeling creative. Allowing my creative energy to run wild & actually using my imagination to create. My entire life I have told myself a lie that I am not creative. That is just not true. We all are if & when we allow ourselves the space.

Illuminative to me means feeling on fire for life. I feel my best when I am shining my light on myself & the world.

Expansive to me means growing & learning daily. Personal development is a huge part of why I am the person I am today. I plan to continue expanding through personal development for the rest of my life.

Harmonious to me means being at peace with who I am & with life under all circumstances. I still experience challenges but how I handle them is different.

These feelings are how I want to feel more often than not. Since completing this process I believe I have felt more of these throughout this year than ever before. Which is why I highly encourage you to complete this process too.

So are you planning to complete the process? Please feel free to share your core desired feelings with me. I would love to hear!

Core Desired Feelings
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