Healing & Letting Go

Healing & Letting Go Through Loss

The last year has taught me so much. One of things I have learned the most about is healing & letting go through loss. Loss is something we experience each day as the sun rises & sets. There is no escaping it…despite how hard we might try.     I have been in touch with… Read more »

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Forgiveness, Shadow Work, Personal Development

Finding Inner Peace By Choosing Forgiveness

Forgiveness Of Others I used to believe that forgiveness meant forgiving others for their “wrongs” against us. However, I have learned through recent experiences that believing someone “wronged” us is a choice. šŸ‘Œ I used to make that choice often & allow others to “hurt my feelings.” šŸ˜³ Who else can relate to being “sensitive?”… Read more »

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A Course In Miracles, Marissa F Myers, Shadow Work, Personal development

Overcoming Addiction

When we give our hearts time & space to heal – by letting go of our insidious addiction – magicalĀ things beginĀ to happen in our lives. Things like finally creating space to take care of ourselves the way we have always desired.Ā šŸ’ž Anything we engage in to take us out of feeling or beingĀ with ourselves is… Read more »

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