Expanding Love Through Giving

About two months ago, I wrote about healing the familial pattern of giving to get. Now, I want to share how I am healing this pattern…By expanding Love through giving.  I have always loved giving to others – whether it be my time, attention or physical gifts. I thought I loved giving because it made… Read more »

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Healing & Letting Go

Healing & Letting Go Through Loss

The last year has taught me so much. One of things I have learned the most about is healing & letting go through loss. Loss is something we experience each day as the sun rises & sets. There is no escaping it…despite how hard we might try.     I have been in touch with… Read more »

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Forgiveness, Shadow Work, Personal Development

Finding Inner Peace By Choosing Forgiveness

Forgiveness Of Others I used to believe that forgiveness meant forgiving others for their “wrongs” against us. However, I have learned through recent experiences that believing someone “wronged” us is a choice. 👌 I used to make that choice often & allow others to “hurt my feelings.” 😳 Who else can relate to being “sensitive?”… Read more »

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