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Overcoming Addiction

When we give our hearts time & space to heal – by letting go of our insidious addiction – magical things begin to happen in our lives. Things like finally creating space to take care of ourselves the way we have always desired. 💞 Anything we engage in to take us out of feeling or being with ourselves is… Read more »

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Letting Go Of Fear

It has been a while since I posted on this blog because honestly I was undergoing a spiritual transformation that was taking a lot of my time & energy. One thing I have learned through this process is all about letting go of fear! So lets talk about fear… Did fear hold you back in… Read more »

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ACE Personal Training Manual Chapter 7 Functional Assessments: Posture, Movement, Core, Balance and Flexibility

I am studying for the ACE exam. Here are my ACE Personal Training Manual Chapter 7 Functional Assessments notes. First for all, the objective of all personal training programs should be to help clients improve functionality. This will enhance a client’s ability to perform activities of daily living (ADLs). Furthermore, the key facet of functionality involves… Read more »

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