Healthy Summer 21-Day Fix Recipes To Build A Beachbody


I can’t believe that we are already into June and Memorial Day has passed.  I LOVE the sweet smell of BBQ’s cooking in the atmosphere. I have found the PERFECT summer recipe that you can make for a crowd, for yourself, or for your entire family.

Here in Florida it’s a regular smell but across the country the temperature is FINALLY changing so I’m sure everyone is ready to light those BBQ’s and enjoy a good figure friendly recipe!

As always, I have you covered! That is why I am sharing with you these healthy summer 21-Day Fix recipes to build a Beachbody! I love a good Kabob, whether it’s veggie or chicken. So, when I found this recipe, a combination of both, it was like heaven on a plate!

Happy Eating,



Marissa F Myers


21 Day Fix Chicken and Pineapple Skewers

For the skewers:

2 large boneless chicken breasts, diced
1/2 cup of red bell pepper, chopped in large pieces
1/2 cup of red onion, chopped in large pieces
3/4 cup of pineapple, chopped in large chunks

For the marinade:
1/4 cup pineapple chunks
2 tbsp coconut aminos
2 tsp honey
1 tsp sesame oil
juice of one lemon
1 clove of garlic
2 tsp apple cider vinegar
1/4 cup water, more as needed

1.  Blend all the marinade ingredients in the blender.
2.  Thread skewer ingredients, alternating between pineapple, veggies, and chicken.
3. Brush or pour marinade over skewers and let sit for 10 minutes or longer, if you have it.
4.  Use cooking spray on your grill to avoid skewers sticking.  Grill over med-low heat until chicken in cooked through.
5.  Great with quinoa, rice, cauliflower rice, on top of a nice bed of lettuce or even just alone!

2 Skewers – 1 RED,  1/2 GREEN, 1/2 PURPLE