How Can I Stay Healthy And Fit While Traveling?

My clients often ask me, “How can I stay healthy and fit while traveling?” So often, in fact, that I decided to create a blog post to answer some of the most frequently related questions publicly in hopes to help others along the way!

Being that I am a Beachbody Coach and not a personal trainer or nutritionist, I am going to give you suggestions based on what I do. My tips have by no means been endorsed by a physician, personal trainer or nutritionist. For more specific questions please consult the advice of an expert in the area you are seeking counsel!

How Can I Maintain Clean Eating While Traveling?

When I participated in the 21 Day Fix EXTREME Coach test group, I had to travel the last THREE days of my 21 Day Fix EXTREME transformation. The trip was planned for a long time previous to be asking to join the group and I wasn’t about to cancel it. I was heading out to Hawaii to hang with my brother for a week, California to attend the Beachbody Leadership Retreat and Las Vegas for the Eric Worre Go Pro Mastery Event!

Several of the Coaches in the test group worked outside of the home and had to prepare and pack their meals ahead of time. One of the Coaches shared about a 6-pack cooler they used to keep their meals cold for the entire day! Performing a quick google search brought me to the exact cooler on Amazon.

Click here to review or purchase the exact 6-pack food cooler I purchased that keeps your food cold for at least 6 hours! Pretty sure you could do some research and find some more affordable versions if this is out of your budget!  It is awesome but kind of bulky so depends on how serious you are about your goals!


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Another thing I always do while traveling, is go to the grocery store right when I get there and have healthy snacks on hand. Not only does it help you maintain somewhat clean eating but it also helps your budget by not having to eat out all the time! Most hotel rooms have a refrigerator and even sometimes a microwave to heat stuff up.

How Can I Stay Healthy And Fit While Traveling & Eating Out?

As far as ordering out at restaurants, you can usually make any type of special requests you like! Having a business meeting during my 21 Day Fix EXTREME transformation for the Coach test group put me in this situation. I’m not about to go out to eat for a business meeting and not eat anything!

I informed the waiter that I was on a special meal plan and asked for my chicken cooked with very little oil and a basic salad with chopped veggies on top and oil and vinegar on the side for dressing. In general, you can order your meat cooked any way you like and if you don’t eat meat well than just special order your vegan or vegetarian meal. Always stick with a dressing that you can control like oil and vinegar and if you are going to use the dressing that comes with the salad, ask for it on the side!

If you are somewhere that serves huge portions, split your meal in half and take the other half home as leftovers. Add it to your goodies in the hotel room refrigerator. There are so many options to eating healthy at restaurants that eating out on a meal plan doesn’t have to be difficult!

Can I Take My Shakeology When I Travel?

Shakeology comes with me EVERY time I travel and I have never been stopped because of my powder in a baggie. Put as many scoops as you need into a big ziplock bag and put the scooper in the bag too. Again, I have even traveled internationally with my Shakeology in a ziplock bag and have never been questioned.

Bring along a travel blender if you are like me and are not a big fan of Shakeology being shaken up with water in a Shaker cup!

Click here to review or purchase the travel blender I use for my Shakeology when traveling! The only time I was stopped for the blender was when I went on the SS Beachbody Cruise because apparently you can’t take blenders on a cruise ship!


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How Can I Workout While Traveling?

Beachbody On Demand makes working out while traveling easy because there are several Beachbody programs to choose from that don’t need any equipment. Nowadays most hotels have gyms with free weights anyway. Simply take your smart phone, table or computer down to the hotel gym with you and stream your workouts on Beachbody On Demand. Better yet, pick a workout program that doesn’t require any equipment and workout in your hotel room. On Demand can be played anywhere, anytime as long as your have access to wife and most hotels have free wifi!
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