Jungian Shadow Work – Healing Our Hearts, Loving Our Shadows

Jungian Shadow Work, Marissa F Myers

Jungian Shadow Work was the healing modality that lead me to back to God & my authentic self. I started spiritually seeking at a very young age. Talking to God & praying even though my parents were non-believers. Above all, questioning how we came to be, what is the purpose of our existence and who we truly are.

For many years, I hide my deeply spiritual nature behind my fear, low self-esteem & superficiality.

However, the last 4 years working and becoming good friends with my greatest teacher – of Jungian Shadow work – transformed all of that.

Consequently, the last 3 months were the most healing & transformative. Hence, I would like to share some of what I have learned with you. If you connect with my journey you may benefit from following a similar path.

What did I learn as a student of Jungian Shadow Work?

As a Jungian shadow work student, I learned that we all came to existence for our soul purpose. To heal the deep wounds of our hearts so we can fully love ourselves and others.

My teacher offers many tools for healing. But doing the work of finding our own inner teacher is ultimately our responsibility.

Many spiritual modalities help us bring in more light, however, we cannot experience the totality of our light without loving and accepting all of who we are – dark & light.

What is Jungian Shadow Work?

Jungian shadow work is powerful work that teaches us to love and accept the dark, hidden, seemingly unlovable parts of ourselves – our judger, controller, jealousy, anger, sadness, lust, etc. Anything not coming from love.

We cannot do this work alone. It is deep healing work that only works through relationships with others. Relationships we signed up for as part of our soul contract.

When we view all relationships and experiences as divinely orchestrated… removing all judgements of our shadowy characteristics… we can experience the powerful transformation that is possible through this work.

A transformation powerful enough for us to achieve total self-love and acceptance. And to learn to rely solely on God & The Universe to provide everything we need at the perfect time. Complete healing of our hearts and peace with who we are under all circumstances.

A transformation I have undergone and continue to undergo with each sunrise and sunset. As I continuously and lovingly adjust and readjust my inner world to meet and respond to what God & I have co-created in my outer world.

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Love & light!

Ps Tune, kittens, birds & myself are better than ever!

Marissa F Myers, Personal Development