Labor Day Weekend Fun

When family and friends get together for labor day weekend fun is always to be had.  I love the idea of mixing up a BBQ with fun games that kids, parents, adults, grandparents, anyone can participate.  I have some ideas below that sound like a fun way to change up the typical, standard Labor Day BBQ.

Some ideas are:

::Games such as Badminton, Croquet, Horseshoes or Bocce Ball. This would be so much fun to divide your family and friends and be kids again with these games.

::Scavenger Hunt: create a hunt through a hotel, backyard or mall.  I love seeing kids running around a mall collecting signatures.  If you did this at home you could hide some beach or pool toys that they can later use while swimming.

Obstacle Course: This could be set up on the beach or a backyard.  If you are staying at hotel, you can ask the kids club to borrow some items to create an amazing obstacle course.

You know you are probably going to over eat a little on Labor Day…don’t most of us don’t that on holidays? However, if you mix it up with some exercise and moving around you won’t feel as bad and you will work off some of the extra calories. Hopefully this will help you to not gain weight during the holiday weekend! 🙂

Growing up we had a horseshoe pit, volleyball net, pool, trampoline and Bocce Ball. Whenever our family got together for a big day, we spent a lot of the time playing games and running around. I have always lived an active lifestyle that way. The food is where I struggled the most in my family growing up and as an adult!

Let me know if you try any of these activities. I love the feedback.

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