Letting Go Of Fear

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It has been a while since I posted on this blog because honestly I was undergoing a spiritual transformation that was taking a lot of my time & energy. One thing I have learned through this process is all about letting go of fear!

So lets talk about fear…

Did fear hold you back in the month of June⁉
Is fear holding you back now⁉

Fear has been holding me back for years! ?

But the last 3 months have been extremely transformative. ???

I have gotten really in touch with my fear…and that awareness of it has allowed me to release it when it comes up! ?

The first step to transforming our lives is awareness. Once we have that down, we can then move to allowing, accepting & letting go.

We when let go of our attachments to people, places and things & outcomes we are free to be who we are (love) without fear!  We can just show up loving who we are & loving others as we love ourselves…free from all judgments! ?

Letting go allows life to unfold naturally and show us how to respond in each moment. It creates a deep sense of peace with who we are under all circumstances and a deeper connection to our higher purpose. ?

I learned from my spiritual journey that my fear was holding me back from living my higher purpose. Don’t get me wrong…I love serving others through my Online Lifestyle Coaching and I enjoy my once a week Nurse Anesthetist shift! ?

I will continue to do both while I work on my own Self-Love Accountability Coaching program – with the intention to launch it in the fall or winter. ?

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Until then, peace & love!