My Beachbody Challenge Transformation

Marissa Myers, Team AlohaWill you share my Beachbody Challenge transformation with those you love to show them they can do it too?! Are you ready to make positive changes in your life?

I am looking for FIVE women that are ready to take the FIRST step towards a healthier lifestyle…I SPECIFICALLY waited until after New Year’s resolution time had passed because I want to help women who aren’t looking for just a quick fix but rather a LIFESTYLE change that they can maintain for life!

I too have had my ups and downs. I grew up not really liking my body or who I was, with very low self-esteem and few real friendships or positive relationships. When I moved away from the only “home” I had ever known – Michigan – at the age of 24 to become a travel nurse in Southern California, I started drinking heavily and abusing drugs to escape from the reality of life. My dad had committed suicide the previous year, and I didn’t know how to deal so I turned to numbing out instead. That is until a few years ago, when I started on a journey of self discovery.

I discovered a Beachbody Challenge group that CHANGED my life. It helped me stop yo-yo dieting and taught me to fuel my body with the proper nutrition and workout regularly. I lost the 25 lbs that I had been gaining and losing for several years by yo-yo dieting and I have kept it off for 4 years now.

But the TRUE life transformation began when I found myself liking the way I looked on the outside but still hating the way I FELT on the inside! After working with conscious healer, I discovered that no matter what I looked like, how I ate, or how much I worked out, I never TRULY loved ME.

The journey towards self-love was and STILL IS tough with a capital T…a daily struggle to not fall back into old habits of negative self-talk, workaholism, self-abuse and insecurity. The only thing that has allowed me to keep winning is having an amazing support community.

I am not a conscious healer so I can’t say I can help you achieve total life transformation BUT I can support you in taking the first step. I can also introduce you to the positive and uplifting community that keeps me balanced and learning to love every part of myself.

We are starting an online health, fitness and personal development online accountability group FEBRUARY 1st. If you are ready to take that FIRST step to YOUR Beachbody Challenge Transformation fill out the form below and I will contact you shortly.

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