Open Our Hearts To Receive God’s Abundant Blessings

The craziest most positive things have been happening lately! I have been working hard to listen to my intuition for signs of what steps to take moving forward. As I move through life with my heart wide open, miracles are taking place in my life. This can occur for us all, when we open our hearts to receive God’s abundant blessings. 

This weekend, I journaled about handing my life over to God. I offered my life over as a vessel that serves humanity in a bigger way than I already am. I asked the Holy Spirit, “Please whatever you want me to do just tell me & I will do it.”

Then, just yesterday He showered His blessings upon me. Now, I am sharing them with you to expand the love.

Open Our Hearts For The Blessing of Attracting New Relationships

First, God blessed me with a new one-on-one accountability Coaching client. He is a deeply spiritual being. Whom has worked hard to stay connected to God & live his vision & purpose. Which up until this point has been teaching others to live their visions. Now, it is his turn to live his vision. He is getting ready to launch his new book: God’s Great Romance: Every Child on the Planet Food & Clothing…”and movies & popcorn.”

He was at LA Fitness ready to signup for a gym membership to get his physical body in shape for the book launch. The Holy Spirit whispered to him my name. Deciding to forego the gym membership, he went home, looked me up on Facebook – which he had not been on in a while – scrolled my page & saw the spiritual transformation that I had undergone the last few years. Read a few of my blog posts & believed these were all signs from The Holy Spirit to contact me.

We had a call last week & I started presenting my Beachbody Challenge Group to him. I intuitively didn’t feel this was the solution for him. However, I shared about it anyway because he told me to treat him like any of my other clients. He was following the guidance he was given & was going to do whatever I told him to do.

After I shared about Beachbody, I decided to share about my one-on-one accountability Coaching mentorship. This is a program that has recently taken shape, where I enroll clients separately from Beachbody. It consists of daily accountability checkins not just for health & fitness but for life.

After hearing about this program, he immediately said, “That’s it! That’s the one for me. I want to do the Marissa program.”

So we set up another time to talk today & the conversation was amazing! It was a conscious conversation with both of us sharing information & so much creative energy being exchanged. I feel honored & blessed for the gift God has given us of working together. We are already growing, learning & healing.

Open Our Hearts To Contribute To Other’s Healing

Also, I recently stopped hosting my A Course In Miracles meetup group. I saw signs from God this wasn’t the place he wanted me so I listened & stopped the weekly discussions. Almost immediately upon stopping them, a woman reached out to me on Facebook asking me about the group. I told her I was no longer hosting the meetings. But I did send her a link to my teacher’s website without any attachment to whether she made contact or not.

She wrote me back the next day & said she felt called to reach out to my teacher & they were able to connect that week by phone. They will be meeting in the healing room on November 7th to see if they will start working together. I feel that God used me as a vessel to connect her to my teacher that is going to be able to help her. No matter how big or small, we all have the ability to contribute to one another’s healing.

Open Our Hearts To New Job Offers

Next, I recently saw signs it was time to look for a new part-time anesthesia job. My current group is beyond amazing. But sometimes I want to pick up an extra shift & they don’t always have the hours available. Ultimately, I wanted to find another per diem (part-time) CRNA job so I can have options in case one group is slow – meaning they have less surgical cases.

I contacted another group a few months back when my current group was going through a slow time. At first, it seemed like a great fit & we were ready to move forward. But then the group hired a new anesthesiologist & they also didn’t have any shifts available for me. I fought this at first, trying to control it but The Holy Spirit told me just Let Go & Let God. So I did.

And what do you freaking know…the CRNA from the group contacted me today & said they are ready to hire me & credential me. And I will be getting a significant raise with this group – bonus! So now 2 part-time CRNA gigs with more options.

Open Our Hearts to Miraculous Healing

Lastly, I received some miraculous news about Tune today. If you watched the video I shared about his incident with the baby gate & emergency life-saving surgery, you might recall that the neurologist told me he had a heart condition.

When they examined him they found a murmur in his heart & his heart was slightly enlarged on the chest x-ray & MRI. On his one month post-surgery follow up visit, they told me once he fully recovered from the herniated disk repair to take him to a cardiologist to have his heart condition assessed.

Well, I took him to the vet yesterday to get his prescription for heart-worm pills. The vet completed the exam & miraculously there is no murmur…which means no heart condition! I truly believe his healed heart is a gift from God. And the gift it is due to the fact that I didn’t take him to the cardiologist, feeding the fear mindset but instead believed it would all work out. And also because of all the healing love & energy myself & my friends Julia, Laura & Cassie poured onto him at the time of his injury.


Open Our Hearts, Shadow Work, Personal Development


I do not share this news with you to say, hey look at how great my life is or to brag or boast, because honestly this has been one of the most challenging years of my life thus far.

I share with you because…if we just hang in there & choose to heal through the challenging times there are blessings waiting for us on the other side.

Every action we take & relationship we engage in has a purpose. Each moment of time spent together & every word exchanged are lessons to heal & open our hearts!

We can get to this place by focusing our energy and attention on self-care & getting connected to God & following the guidance He gives us. Practicing the subtle art of self-love and acceptance & giving without expectation free us from attachment, need for validation or approval from others.

Letting go of self-judgments – knowing that every move we make is perfect & is all true for us in that moment. Practicing forgiveness in order to open our hearts to the peace & joy that is abundantly available to us. Projecting only love & choosing not to react or project onto others negative emotions from our past stories or from our attachments to the future.

When we do all these things, we learn to look within to God & The Universe for all our needs & our hearts expand. And with our new expanded, open heart we can experience God’s perfect & abundant miracles that have been waiting for us.