Overcoming Addiction

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When we give our hearts time & space to heal – by letting go of our insidious addiction – magical things begin to happen in our lives. Things like finally creating space to take care of ourselves the way we have always desired. ?

Anything we engage in to take us out of feeling or being with ourselves is an addiction. Whether it be drugs, alcohol, our phones, Facebook, Instagram, Google Hangouts, What’s App, and the list goes on and on. ?

While some may say healthy addictions such as working out, work, kids, etc are okay. I believe anything we do compulsively is a problem & should be created equally as an addiction to overcome. ☝

So how do we overcome addiction?

When we take time to slow down and look at how we are spending every minute of our day, we can shine light & become aware of where these “little” addictions exist. ??

Awareness is the first step to overcoming but it is not enough. We must take bold fearless physical action as the final step in our healing process. ??

Here is an example of how I am overcoming addiction in my life…

A good friend shared that she was taking the entire month of July off work, texting, calls, social and her phone. ? ? ?

Being aware of my major addiction to Facebook, she inspired me to make a bold move too. I decided to remove the Facebook app & Facebook messenger app from my phone. ?

This meant any time I wanted to go on FB, I had to do it from a computer. Thus, making it intentional instead of mindless. I took back control of the thing that was controlling me. ?

What has happened since overcoming my addiction?

Space has opened up for the final stage of my healing journey. Situations that would normally break me for weeks only effect me for a matter of minutes. And magical things are abundantly happening in my life. ✌

One of the most exciting ones is the space was FINALLY opened up to create my local healing group. I have been wanting to do this F O R E V E R (yes a reference to the movie The Sandlot)! ???

I started our A Course In Miracles Healing Gathering this month. Our first meeting had 10 beautiful souls show up who were seeking healing. They had an opportunity to listen & share. They also asked a lot of really great questions. ???

This gave me the opportunity to share my knowledge, understanding & experiences with them. Since my belief is that giving is the same as receiving – we are all winners for sharing our healing journey’s together.

Like I said…when we let go of our addictions magical things can happen. ?

So my question to you is what is YOUR addiction?
Facebook, Instagram, Google, the news, the weather channel, working out, your kids, your spouse?
AND how are you going to overcome?

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