10 Minute Trainer

Included in the 10 Minute Trainer Workout are the following:   • 4 Workout DVD’s: o Routine 1: Total Body – This workout will cover 10 moves over 10 minutes. Expect a fun and challenging workout from head to toe! o Routine 2: Cardio – This routine will have you in the fat burning zone… Read more »

21 Day Fix Extreme

Why does the 21 day fix extreme work? According to Autumn Calabrese herself, “this is the exact program i use to get ready for a competition or photo shoot. When i have zero room for error. When i have to look 100% shredded—no do-overs, no excuses. It works for me every time. Just like it… Read more »


WHAT WILL YOU RECEIVE IN YOUR T25 PACKAGE?   You will start your transformation with the Focus T25 Alpha Cycle workouts. These are five, 25-minute workouts that will support you in building the foundation for the Focus T25 Beta Cycle workouts.   Focus T25 Alpha Cardio 25 This will be 25 minutes of calorie-burning, sweat-drenching… Read more »

Turbo Fire

Included in the Turbo Fire Workout are the following:   • Fire Classes – Cardio Workouts: o FIRE 30 Class Plus Stretch 10 Class o FIRE 45 Class Plus Stretch 10 Class o FIRE 55 EZ Class Plus Stretch 10 Class o FIRE 45 EZ Class Plus Stretch 10 Class • H.I.I.T Classes (High Intensity… Read more »

Busy Women Build a Business as a Beachbody Coach

I usually take time to reflect on what is going on my life daily but this week I have spent much more time in reflection. I just recently celebrated my 3 year anniversary as a Beachbody Coach. The month of February was Team Aloha’s biggest month to date. We doubled the number of success club points we… Read more »

21 Day Fix Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe

Many of you have been asking for recipes for the 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix EXTREME, which is why I created this 21 Day Fix Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe. I have a 21 Day Fix Recipe group on Facebook where I post various 21 Day Fix approved recipes I make up myself and find… Read more »

21 Day Fix & 21 Day Fix EXTREME Challenge Group

Initially Team Aloha was going to do a 21 Day Fix EXTREME challenge group, we changed our minds. We figured this made the group too difficult for some people. We didn’t want to to not include someone if they were not at the EXTREME level yet. We officially kicked off our Team Aloha 21 Day Fix &… Read more »

How should I prepare for the 21 Day Fix Extreme?

I am still working my way through round 3 of the 21 Day Fix Extreme. Being in the coach test group is so awesome! We are an extreme gang…just kidding. But seriously, several people have been asking who can do this program. Well, after our LIVE webinar with Autumn Calabrese last night, creator of the… Read more »

21 Day Fix EXTREME

The ORIGINAL 21 Day Fix simple portion controlled meal plan and 30 minute workouts made losing weight so simple. It is for ALL levels and will support you in making a lifestyle change. You will NEVER have to diet again! Upon it’s launch in February 2014, it quickly became America’s number ONE nutrition and fitness… Read more »

21 Day Fix Dinner Recipe-Sausage Lasagna Pinwheels

A 21 Day Fix dinner recipe that is super easy to make and the whole family will enjoy!  I find a TON of recipes on Facebook, Pinterest, and Google. I have taken some of my favorites and reposted here to share with all of you.  I don’t really eat much meat but I share recipes with… Read more »