PiYo Week 2 Meal Plan and Progress Update

PiYo, Marissa Myers

Piyo week 2 is officially in the books. If you have been following me you know I used to be a crazy high-impact cardio ADDICT! I was extremely scared PiYo was going to be too slow and mellow for me…boy was I wrong. I sweat up a storm during these workouts! I have heard some people say they aren’t challenging enough but I think they are what you make of them. YOU have to push yourself! Go a little bit farther each day. Do one more tricep push-up. Go deeper into each stretch. Lift your leg higher in standing split. All of this will lead to you increasing flexibility, strength and lengthening your muscles.


So far my FAVORITE workout is sweat! I am dripping when I am done and I just thinking it pushes me hard. Every single workout hits your core and makes it tighter and without a strong core you got nothing! Even with a week of not so great eating I have maintained my weight and physique from body beast and P90x3. I try to stick to the 21 day fix meal plan mostly but I had a few too many treats and glasses of wine this past week. I am going to save the wine only for weekends from now until the end of the program! I was feeling a little bloated and full one day because I had been eating way too much so I added in a 25 minute HITT workout from TurboFire for just a little extra cardio. Other than that I have strictly followed the PiYo schedule.


I do feel a little anxious about the fact that you aren’t really burning a lot of calories with these workouts so the KEY to getting results with this program is to really dial-in your nutrition. Follow the 21 day fix meal plan and don’t eat too many carbs. It has been working for me so far and I am anxious to see how the rest of the program goes.

If you would like more information on joining my next Piyo support and accountability group to get customized meal planning, tips and recipes to help you start and complete your PiYo journey please fill out the application below!

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