Preview CIZE Workout From Beachbody On Demand and WIN!

Carl Daikeler, CEO of Beachbody posted this on his Facebook wall over the weekend:

“Please share these details with anyone who wants to (1) try a free 30-day membership in Beachbody On Demand, (2) try the most anticipated dance program of the summer, Shaun T’s CIZE on June 15th, and (3) for me to donate $50 in your honor to help NYC orphaned teens find permanent foster families!

Here are the details:

If you do the CIZE “You Got This” sneak peek inside Beahcbody On Demand any time on MONDAY June 15th, we are donating $50 in your honor to You Gotta Believe ( a group who finds families for teens, and pre-teens in the foster care system in the NYC area.

When funding was cut for this amazing adoption organization we committed to support the organization’s fundraiser in NYC June 29th up to $100k.

A group of coaches will be going to this event representing Team Beachbody to present our check. How big will that check be? It depends on whether we get over 2,000 people do do CIZE on June 15th or not. So will you do it? Can we donate $50 on your behalf?”


Shaun T, Beachbody on Demand

That is not all though. You can WIN prizes too! Simply post a video doing the CIZE workout, from Beachbody on Demand, today or any day from June 15th thru July 14th and Beachbody will pick a video everyday to aware a $1,000 prize. The best CIZE video of them all will win a $5,000 grand prize! Find out more details about the contest here:

Here are some simple details if you don’t want to read all the rules…post a video of you doing the CIZE workout from Beachbody On Demand to your own Facebook page: use all three of the following tags in your video post: @CarlDaikelerCEO, @CIZE, and‪#‎CIZEContest‬, Make sure your video post is visible to the “Public” to enter into the contest for the prize money!

I did the CIZE workout from Beachbody On Demand this morning…here is my CIZE video for the contest!



Do you want to be the first one to join our CIZE test group? Please fill out the form below and mention CIZE test group and I will contact you shortly!

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