10 Minute Trainer

Not everyone has the ability to spend hours in a gym working out, or even an hour in their homes working out. With the responsibilities of maintaining work, relationships, family, and a social life, finding time to set aside for exercise can become quite a daunting task. Celebrity fitness trainer Tony Horton knows that, which is why he has developed 10 Minute Trainer, a program designed with 10-minute workout routines to deliver amazing results while maximizing your fitness efforts.

This program helps you to lose weight, get toned, and feel great in less time than what you might have imagined. In the short, 10-minute spurts Tony has designed this revolutionary program where you can multitask and target different parts of your body simultaneously. The results are far superior to what you might expect from such a short amount of time: tone your body, lose weight and feel healthier.

Included in the 10 Minute Trainer Workout are the following:


  • 4 Workout DVD’s:
    • o Routine 1: Total Body – This workout will cover 10 moves over 10 minutes. Expect a fun and challenging workout from head to toe!
    • o Routine 2: Cardio – This routine will have you in the fat burning zone fast. With a combination of kicking, punching, and lunges you will get your blood flowing and calories melting.
    • o Routine 3: Lower Body – Target those problem areas with Tony’s signature moves in just 10 minutes. Slim those thighs and lift that bun in no time.
    • o Routine 4: Yoga Flex – Get ready for a total body stretch exercise intended to deliver lean, flexible muscles and leave you feeling energized.
    • Resistance Band Kit plus Cardio Belt – Maximize the power of Super Stacking with Tony’s Pro-Grade Resistance Bands with Comfort Flex Handles. Also get Tony’s Power Cardio Belt to add extra resistance so you burn even more fat and calories!
    • Customized Workout Calendar – Tony’s rotation calendar helps you plan your workouts around your busy schedule. Start with one 10-minute workout and add more for faster results!
    • Rapid Results Guidebook – An easy-to-follow exercise and diet plan for your best results!
    • Tony Horton’s 10-Minute Meals – Tony shares his tips and recipes for putting together nutritious, tasty, low-calorie meals and snacks in less than 10 minutes!
    • 24/7 Online Support – Chat live with Tony and get to know an amazing online community that will help you succeed.


Plus 3 Free Gifts:


    • Bonus Abs Routine – Kiss your spare tire or muffin top goodbye! These moves work your lower and upper abs and your obliques to uncover that six-pack in no time! (10 minutes)
    • On-the-Go Workout Cards – These handy workout cards fit into your pocket or purse so you can work out anytime, anywhere, even if there’s no DVD player available.
    • 2-Day Jump Start Plan – Shed excess pounds and inches quickly with Tony’s eating/exercise plan. Just two days gives you a healthy, energetic head start on reaching your goals.


The success of 10 Minute Trainer can be attributed to a technique called Super Stacking. In essence, Super Stacking is the concept of combining multiple simultaneous moves in an effort to target different body parts. You do a lot of different things at once, which is the secret behind the program.  This is how 10 Minute Trainer can shorten the overall time you spend working out while still incorporating non-stop fat burning with strengthening. The need for countless hours spent working out each individual body part is nonexistent with the combination of cardio and strength training. Why go to the gym for hours on end when you can stay home and get the same results in ten minutes!


In addition to having a TV and DVD player with ample space to work out, the only equipment you will need are the resistance bands, which come in your choice of either 15lbs or 20lbs. However, with the On-the-Go Workout Cards, you wouldn’t even need a TV and DVD player as you can work out anywhere you’d like.


Nutrition is a very important component of the program. While Tony Horton provides the nutritional guide with assistance in preparing 10-minute meals, it is largely the responsibility of participants to be consistent in following the guide. The levels of your metabolism can help to either encourage or hinder your success in the program. That being said, eating right is very important because if you’re not doing so then bad eating habits are not only counterproductive but also make the process last a lot longer than it should.




    1. 1. Concise – 10 Minute Trainer is as short as it gets—10 minutes of action designed to give you the best pump for the limited time frame.
    2. 2. Versatility – You can use the workout DVD’s at home and follow the guide or you can use the workout cards on the go to work out in different places. The versatility of the program is a unique feature that you won’t find in many other places.
    3. 3. Complete Program – This workout program helps to provide you with a full body workout. It provides the cardio, strength training and flexibility that helps to make you an all around healthier and stronger person.



    1. 1. Length – This workout is not one that requires a long amount of time, so if you’re someone that likes to spend hours on end workout out, you might want to consider complimenting Insanity with other activities and/or sports.
    2. 2. No weights – Have a bunch of weights lying around that you hoped you use with Insanity? Sorry. The good thing is you won’t need them, and by the end of the workout you’ll be glad you never used them.


Personal Review: “I don’t have time to work out” is no longer an excuse. Tony Horton has successfully designed a program that can work without having to spend hours in a gym. It is understandable that some people might be skeptical about its ability to produce results, which is why I recommend that people try the program for themselves. The program is by no means a breeze that you can fly right through, and proves that you really can get a good workout in just 10 minutes. I would recommend it particularly for those that find themselves strapped for time while still having the desire to be active and/or get fit.



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