Brazil Butt Lift Workout

We’ve all seen them on TV… Models and celebrities that are worshipped for their seemingly perfect butts. But it begs the question, is it really possible to achieve a behind so flawless? It certainly is now. Physical fitness trainer Leandro Carvalho, Brazilian dancer and TV extraordinaire, has refined the perfect program in Brazil Butt Lift to reshape and redefine your bulky butt into a firm one. Many women work out regularly and can’t seem to rid themselves of the sagginess of flabbiness that surrounds their glutes.

Others fear working out to even try to get a better butt as they are under the impression that traditional exercises could result in bulking them up and/or providing results that are unsatisfactory. Carvalho’s program avoids both problems by providing a unique blend of exercises that will not only attack the fat surrounding your rear but will also reshape it into being the sexy one you’ve always wanted.

Included in the Brazil Butt Lift Workout are the following:


  • 3 Workout DVD’s:
    • o Disk 1: Basics; Bum Bum; Bum Bum Rapido – In this first disc Leandro begins by going through the essentials. He gives you an introduction and walkthrough of the overall program. Proper form and training techniques are the most important things covered on this disc. In addition, Leandro introduces his signature workout, “Bum Bum.” This is a unique combination of butt-sculpting moves and intense cardio that will be sure to reshape your bum.
    • o Disk 2: High & Tight; Sculpt – In this second disk, the primary goals are twofold: the first is shape and lift your butt. It does no good to reshape and redefine your butt and not lift it! This disc utilizes the booty resistance band and ankle weight to provide you the resistance you need to achieve the booty you’re looking for. Secondly, Leandro provides a complementary full body workout that helps to tighten and tone your muscles from the top down.
    • o Disk 3: Cardio Axe; Tummy Tuck – In the first segment of the final disk, you’ll feel as if you were dancing on the beaches of Brazil with this dance-inspired, cardio-based workout. It will be sure to burn the fat you’re looking to lose. Finally, rid yourself of the love handles and belly fat you’re dying to lose with this 20-minute workout that will tuck your tummy without surgery.
    • Booty Makeover Guide – With this essential guide, you’ll be able to not only determine your butt type but also use your Booty Blueprint to develop a workout calendar that fits your body and your time.
    • Nutritional Plan: Fat-Burning Foods – In order to get the most out of the program, Leandro provides this important nutritional guide that will aid you in choosing the right foods that will be conducive to burning fat and maintaining an adequate calorie count.
    • TriAngle Training Workout Cards – These step-by-step cards provide you with the instructions you need to be able to do these amazing workouts wherever you are, no DVD required!
    • Measurement Tracked Card and Tape – Use these key tools to watch your body transform before your very eyes. Measure the inches as they melt away and track your progress!
    • Booty Resistance Band – This is undoubtedly one of Leandro’s secret weapons of the program. It provides you with an extra boost of necessary resistance to attack those hard to reach areas. It also speeds up the process providing you with results quicker.
    • 6-Day Supermodel Slim Down Plan – Employing the same plan he uses with his famous supermodels, Leandro graciously includes this 6-day plan into the program, which offers a structured plan to direct your booty transformation.
    • Pencil for the “Pencil Test” – Use this pencil included in the program to take the infamous “Pencil Test.” What’s the pencil test, you might ask? Start the program and find out! Retake this test every 30 days and watch your butt lift before your very eyes.


The secrets to the Brazil Butt Lift are found in two special components of the program. The first is its dynamic approach to the concepts behind the butt lift. The program incorporates Brazilian style dancing, classic ballet with specialized moves, traditional cardio, and more. The fact that Leandro Carvalho is a dancer should speak for itself. The guy knows what he’s talking about. The second component of the program that makes it so effect is the concept of TriAngle Training. This works the three major muscles of the buttocks: the gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus. It attacks these three muscles from various and multiple angles to provide you with the perfect butt!


No additional equipment is needed for the Brazil Butt Lift, other than what is already included with the purchase of the program. The resistance band plays a key role in the success of the program, as it provides the resistance your body and butt will need to be transformed.


Nutrition is a very important component of the program. It is largely the responsibility of participants to be consistent in following the Fat-Burning Foods guide. The levels of your metabolism can help to either encourage or hinder your success in the program. That being said, eating right is very important because if you’re not doing so then bad eating habits are not only counterproductive but also make the process last a lot longer than it should.




    1. 1. Fun – This is no boring program. For the invigorating dance moves to the heart-pumping cardio, you’ll have fun from start to finish.
    2. 2. New Moves – Carvalho introduces a plethora of workout moves that you won’t find anywhere else.
    3. 3. Great Workout – The Brazil Butt Lift is an overall great workout experience that has benefited all those that have participated.




    1. 1. Length – The program is a bit time consuming, but you wouldn’t expect your butt to transform or to see results overnight… Right? It’s worth the wait.
    2. 2. Physically Challenging – If you initially find that this is too challenging, try supplementing it with additional cardio and/or warm ups.


Personal Review: Carvalho has done it all with this amazing and revolutionary program. There’s a reason it was featured on daytime television shows for women as well as primetime magazines. This program is for real. It has worked for famous supermodels and it can certainly work for you if you follow it correctly. I would recommend it for any woman that would like to see the butt they’ve been waiting years to achieve. It’s worth it!



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