Shadow Work With Julia George Co-Founder Of Aquarian Age Awareness

Shadow Work with Julia George has completely transformed the life I am co-creating with God and The Universe.

When I was introduced to this work, I was in a dark place. Despite┬ájumping from one “spiritual” modality to the next I was unable to heal my story and negative patterns. I was dealing with low self-esteem, deep rooted fear, and zero healthy relationships. I was extremely self-abusive.

In order to heal my story, we had to shine light into the dark areas of my life. It was painful uncovering the hidden parts of myself. So painful in fact, that at times I wanted to run away and hide some more. Shadow work is the most challenging thing I have ever done. To look at my shadow and accept my darkness as well as my light.

But Julia knows that the only way to healing is through and she never gave up on me.

She showed me, by her example, how different my life could be if only I was willing to make working on myself the most important thing above all other material things. My job, my relationships, my finances, etc.


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As I move through life with all my Shadow Work tools, I continue to awaken to my true spiritual power. I feel more than I have ever felt. My energy, other people’s energy and the energy of humanity on this planet.

But now, instead of running and hiding from it, I embrace it with an open heart. I have learned a ton but I know more will continue to be revealed as God continues to give me countless opportunities for spiritual growth.

Once you have found Shadow Work and worked through your story with Julia George, you will never need another spiritual modality for healing.

I am grateful to God and The Universe for leading me to Shadow Work and grateful to Julia for living her purpose with an open heart so we can all have the opportunity to do the same.

Click here to read more about Julia or contact her for a free 45-minute consultation.

We had the honor of having Julia as a guest speaker at our Beachbody Super Saturday event last August. Click here to watch her presentation.


Julia George, Shadow Work, Carl Jung, Carl Jung Quotes, Aquarian Age, Aquarian Age Awareness, Marissa F Myers

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