Business Success Story – Heather

Heather has another awesome coaching success story to share! We have known each other since we played softball together in elementary school and we also went to high school together. She saw some posts on my Facebook page about getting into shape and reached out to me about starting on her own health and fitness journey. She had been a long-time partier. She smoked and drank and hadn’t been active in years.

At first, she was very intimidated about joining our online health and fitness accountability group. We immediately set up a phone call where I could reassure her this was definitely something she could do. We discussed her starting with a beginner program in order for her to work her way back into fitness. She took it slow with Power 90 and Shakeology first. She eventually worked her way up to TurboFire by creator Chalene Johnson, which was where she found her soulmate workout. She worked her way through these programs, drank her Shakeology everyday and engaged in her accountability group. All her hard work paid off! She lost 30 pounds, was no longer partying, drinking and smoking. She had a new outlook on what kinds of foods she put in her body and how she handled stress!

Heather decided to become a coach to support others in doing the same. She was already working at a weight loss clinic and she didn’t feel it was as effective as beachbody was at supporting people in living healthier lives. She quickly discovered that coaching was her true passion and retired from her corporate job to be a full-time coach! She has been an integral leader in the growth of our team and she has been doing coaching full-time for over a year now. Here what Heather has to say about coaching in her video testimonial below!

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