Business Success Story – Joanne Van Nostrand

Last but not least, meet one of my fellow Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs), Joanne! We worked together as CRNAs at the same hospital. We really knew nothing about one another when we sat down together to eat lunch one day. I quickly learned that she was overworked, stressed out, not taking time for herself, and not taking care of her health. She had bags under her eyes and felt exhausted all the time. When she found out I was a Beachbody coach and we discussed that she had done the Insanity program by creator Shaun T in the past, she was overwhelmed at the thought of working out. She felt there was no way she could add another activity to her already overflowing plate!

We discussed her options and she decided to start T25 again created by Shaun T. She was working FOUR anesthesia jobs and raising two kids at the time but she felt she could at least commit to 25 minutes a day and drinking shakeology. Our online Beachbody Challenge Group gave her the motivation she needed to wake up every morning at 5 am to get in her workout.

The more she engaged in the group, did her T25 workout, and drank her Shakeology everyday, the more energy she gained! She had lost her energy and passion years ago and with our Beachbody family she was finally able to get it back. She also earned her old body back in a big way! Her physical transformation lead to her wearing a bikini on our free SS Beachbody cruise for the FIRST time in 14 years. She was so motivating and inspiring in our group I quickly approached her about becoming a coach herself. She decided it was the right thing for her to do because she wanted everyone she knew to look and feel this good too! She hit the ground running and in less than a year as a coach, she was able to retire herself from TWO of her anesthesia jobs.

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