Business Success Story – Stephanie Kathmann

What Stephanie Kathmann said about becoming a coach on my team:

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note. I am so grateful for the time you have given to me this past month. I never could have set records and achieved the success I did without your guidance and support. I am still in shock that I made over $900 in my first month! In all honesty, my only regret was not starting off with a challenge pack. I think that is really what escalated my business. It really resonated with me how important it was to be PROOF the product worked. So I am glad I didn’t wait and upgraded a week later. I truly think using the product and being authentic in my excitement for how it worked and how the shakes tasted and made me feel is why I was able to be as successful as I was in month one. I look forward to growing my business and as a person in this company with your continuous guidance.


Thank you!

Stephanie kathmann”

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