Fitness Success Story – Lauren Hall

Check out Lauren’s transformation story and testimonial. Lauren and I went to nursing school together over TEN YEARS ago! She reached out to me after having her first baby girl because she started doing P90X and knew I had been doing this Beachbody coaching thing for a while. She became a shakeology addict and lost all her baby weight and got into the best shape of her life. She loved this new energy she had for life! She wanted all her friends and family to feel as good as she was feeling. She became a coach to pay all these positive new changes forward.


At the time she was working one day a week as a nurse as her husband was the primary breadwinner. Her and her husband had recently been discussing her going back to work one extra day as a nurse to provide additional income for her growing family. She was pregnant with her second daughter! She decided she would give coaching a try instead of working another day at the hospital on her feet and away from her daughter.


In just SIX short months, she was able to earn the same amount in her coaching business as she would have if she picked up that extra day at the hospital. She is a high paid nurse in Southern California so this really was a significant income for her and her family. Now she was able to stay home with her daughter that extra day and that meant the world to her.


She also had some complications during her second pregnancy. Due to these complications, she was placed on bedrest for the final 6 weeks of her pregnancy! Unfortunately, the hospital short-term disability plan didn’t cover her during this period. This means she was no longer going to be earning the income she was bringing home from being a nurse for the past TEN YEARS. This was a big hit to her during a time she didn’t need any more stressors in her life. She was still able to provide for her family being on bedrest during this stressful time. You never know when earning a second stream of income will be a lifesaver. You never know when injury or illness will prevent you from performing your job and ultimately lead to you not being paid. Thank God for Lauren’s Beachbody income she was still able to earn while at home on bedrest!



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