Summer Survival Guide Tips: How To Survive Multiple Vacations

School’s out for summer…school’s out forever…not really though. I know this time of year is crazy busy for moms because the kids are off for the summer and the entire family is off their routine. I hear so many moms say they will wait for the kids to go back to school to start taking care of themselves and their health.

I challenge you to think about that though! What kind of example are you setting for your kids if you stop taking care of yourself and your health all summer? Kids are the biggest imitators on the planet. Do you want your kid to grow up to be an adult and feel they have to put their health on hold to take care of others?

I definitely want my kids to feel important enough to take care of themselves when they are an adult. I want them to live the longest and happiest life possible!  So how about not putting everything on hold but just making minor some adjustments. Here are a few summer survival guide tips for moms to stay on track during the summer vacation time:

1. Follow the 80-20 rule! I know a lot of us, including myself, are super extremist. We feel if we aren’t eating 100% clean and working out everyday we might as well not do anything at all. I used to be like this but lately I have shifted that mindset. Now, I focus on eating 80% for health and 20% for fun! I also think it is better to allow myself some treats when I am on vacation or at a party but I do my best to get back to my regular meals the next day. Don’t let one bad choice blow your entire day or week. I also think it is better to workout a few days a week than none at all!

2. Stay Hydrated! One of the best things you can do for your body is to stay hydrated. Always carry a reusable water bottle with you that you can refill whenever it runs out. Staying hydrated will not only allow your body to function adequately but it will also reduce those hunger cravings!

3. Create a plan you can follow! If you fail to plan you might as well plan to fail! Bring your workouts with you when traveling. There are a ton of workouts out there that don’t require equipment. Just your own body weight. I am traveling in Seattle this week to visit one of my friends and business partners and I brought my computer so we can do Beachbody On Demand together. We took our workout outside and did the new Shaun T Cize workout called “You Got This!” at a waterfall. Workouts on vacation don’t have to be a drag. You can make them fun just like we did with Cize! Maybe you want to try out the 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix EXTREME workouts in Beachbody On Demand? Both of them are great workouts and a lot of fun!



4. Avoid buying junk! If you don’t buy it, you won’t eat it. If something is not healthy for you then it definitely is not healthy for your kids. I often hear moms say they eat junk food because they have it in the house for their kids. If you want your kids to live a long, healthy, happy life feed them foods that are good for them and you! 🙂


Team Aloha


We will be hosting another Beachbody Challenge Group using the Cize program to support our friends and family in staying motivated and accountable throughout the remainder of the summer! If you want to join our group fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly!

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