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Marissa Myers

The Miracle Morning Accountability Group

“If you want to be something different, you need to do something different!” I know you have probably heard this quote 100 million times but read it slowly and really absorb it. I have been getting up every morning and doing The Miracle Morning routine. I can tell you since starting to take care of… Read more »


Team Aloha, Beachbody Coach

Becoming A Successful Beachbody Coach – Don’t Give Up!

When I started my beachbody coaching business…”coaching thing” is what people called it…the same people that said “You’re crazy to do this instead of being a nurse anesthetist, “You will never make any money ‘selling a bag of shake’ (is how they put it), “If you don’t find your passion in being a nurse anesthetist… Read more »


21 Day Fix Women’s Transformation Stories

Meet some of our Team Aloha challengers and coaches. The have lost several pounds AND inches in 21 days with the 21 day fix. While the number on the scale did drop SOME the progress photos are MUCH more remarkable than the pounds lost. I always tell new clients NOT to weigh themselves for at… Read more »


My Beachbody Transformation Story: What Beachbody Can Do For You!

My Beachbody Transformation Story with Insanity and Shakeology: Hello world! Welcome to my blog. When I run into someone who hasn’t seen me in a long time, the first question they ask is what I do to workout, followed by what kind of diet I follow. Here is what I tell them: -I was a… Read more »