Our Team Aloha Transform 20 Journey

Happy New Year all! I have not posted a blog article in over a month. My clients & Coaches have been gearing up to start our Team Aloha Transform 20 journey. Which has been keeping me quite busy.

Last year & the year before were 2 of the most challenging years of my life. Writing became extremely therapeutic for me to process my deep thoughts & feelings. I shared my process with you because I thought it might be helpful for some of you experiencing the same things in life. For those of you who have been reading my blog articles over the past several months & sending me responses, thank you for reading & sharing your thoughts about them with me!

Today’s post will be a little different. I have no deep thoughts or feelings to share with you at this time. I am feeling quite healed right now…yay! My primary focus is now on our Team Aloha Transform 20 Fit Tribe & my Team Aloha Coach Tribe.

Team Aloha Transform 20 Fit Tribe

If you are confused with what that means exactly, don’t worry! I would be too. Basically we have an online community or Tribe of mostly women who are working their way through the new Transform 20 program together. There are also several women in our Tribe who are working their way through other programs. We share our journeys, support one another, & hold one another accountability. We also just have a lot of fun while we maintain a heathy lifestyle together!

Moving our community over from a fitness app to Facebook has created the group’s energy being off the chain! I am loving the newfound energy & am having a lot of fun in the group too. I believe a big part of it is that several of us are working our way through the Transform 20 program. This program is so fun. It is only 20 minutes per day, 6 days a week. When I push play, I notice I am almost halfway through the workout before I look at the clock. Simply because I am truly enjoying myself. And who doesn’t have 20 minutes a day to move their body?

I am working on forming my next group of women to take through this program in the month of February as we speak. If you are ready to join our tribe & have some fun while you live your best life, send me a message! I am here to help.

Team Aloha Transform 20

Team Aloha Coach Tribe

We also have a tribe of Team Aloha Coaches who are not only working their way through these programs but are building a business by leading others to do the same. We have a culture of excellence on our team. Team Aloha is a place to become empowered to learn how to take care of yourself first! Only then can we truly help others along the way. If this describes something that you feel suits you at this time, send me a PM for info on how you can join our Tribe! If you want to see more about anything related to our Tribes I have been sharing a ton on IG stories lately. Click here to find & add me on IG!