What Comes In The Core De Force Program?

The CORE DE FORCE program includes: 

Core De Force Workouts


The Core De Force program requires ZERO equipment. Just you AND your body weight! It is a 30-day total body conditioning program. If you are a beginner or have trouble keeping up with Joel Freeman and Jericho McMatthews in the Core De Force workouts, just follow Jessica, the modifier. As you gain STRENGTH and cardiovascular ENDURANCE, stick with Joel and Jericho and see how long you can go before modifying! If you need a break down of the moves before you start, use the “watch it and learn it” option to get a step-by-step breakdown.

Core De Force Workout – MMA Speed

This workout is SIX, 3-minute rounds for 27 minutes of pure heart pounding awesomeness. You complete 1-minute of upper body and core-focused elbow-knee combinations and then 30-seconds of a cardiovascular spike. Then, back to the minute of the SAME elbow-knee combination, followed by 30-seconds of the SAME spike. Then, onto the next found and repeat, repeat, repeat until you are DONE! It is short but don’t let that fool you. It packs a BIG punch and you will be dripping in sweat. I don’t sweat that much but it had me dripping so that tells me what’s up.


Marissa F Myers, Core De Force Workouts


Core De Force Workout – MMA Shred

Get ready to turn up the heat with this Muay-Thai inspired 37-minute workout. If you thought the SIX rounds in MMA Speed got you sweating, get ready for NINE, 3-minute rounds of elbow-knee combinations AND spikes! Again, each 3 minute round consists of 2 minutes of the elbow-knee combinations and 1 minute of spikes. They are broken down the same way as MMA Speed (1-minute elbow-knee combo, 30-second spike, 1-minute same elbow-knee, 30-seconds of same spike).

Core De Force Workout – MMA Power

This workout will have you using explosive and defensive-style movements throughout the TWELVE rounds! It is 47-minutes of fast-paced, cardio-conditioning.

Core De Force Workout – MMA Plyo

Get ready for another TWELVE rounds of boxing, Muay Thai, and plyometrics in ONE workout! Forty-seven minutes of total-body shredding and calorie and fat burning awesomesauce!

Core De Force Workout – Power Sculpt

NINE rounds of explosive power and interval training that will sculpt lean muscle and build endurance. This 37-minute workout is one of my personal favorites. I love building strength and endurance and can tell a difference less then 2 weeks into this program.

Core De Force Workout – Dynamic Strength

This workout was my nemesis the first time I completed it. I loved it and hated it at the same time! It is LOW on impact but HIGH on intensity. I don’t want to spoil it for you but there are a LOT of push-ups in these TWELVE rounds. You will use your own body weight to create more definition in this 47-minute workout.

Core De Force Workout – Active Recovery

This 21-minute workout is to be completed every 7 days on your “active” rest days. It focuses on form and technique to relieve muscle stiffness and soreness.

Core De Force Workout – Relief

This is a 5-minute stretch that can be done anytime to relieve muscle tightness and soreness. It is very important to do a lot of stretching when you first start a new program!


Core De Force – Quick-Start Guide

This guide will help you get started on your journey to success in just 3 simple steps. Follow them to reach your own level of KNOCKOUT! Success comes from hard work and there are no shortcuts but this guide can help.


Marissa F Myers Marissa F Myers


Core De Force – 30-Day Calendar

The wall calendar has your daily workout schedule on it so you can hang it up and cross out the workouts as you complete them each day!



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Core De Force – Eating Plan

The Core De Force meal plan is based off the same portion control system as the 21 Day Fix. The Core De Force base kit doesn’t come with the containers but the Core De Force challenge pack does! No calorie counting but you will have to do a simple calculation to calculate which plan you need to be following. There are several plans based on your weight and activity level and the eating plan also includes signature recipes and sample menus.


Marissa F Myers


Marissa F Myers


Marissa F Myers


Marissa F Myers

Core De Force – 5 Min. Core on the Floor

Complete this 5-minute core workout that includes 5 challenging plank movements to help define, flatten, and tone your abs.

Core De Force – Core Kinetics

This is another one of my personal favorites. I popped in this 16-minute workout and was like, “How bad can it really be? It is ONLY 16-minutes!” Well, it isn’t bad, it is GOOD for defining your abs and leaving you in a pool of sweat on your mat. It consists of unique MMA-inspired moves that help carve flat abs and tight obliques.

Core De Force Test Group

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